Just Do It Day


Would you love to make really fast progress with a brand-new or old project you are stuck on?

Here are a few reasons to try one of Ute’s Just Do It days:

  •  Previous participants said they like the short sharp input of these sessions; they felt motivated and were often amazed that they got so much done!
  • Progress is easy to achieve and fast — you simplify big projects, breaking them down into small manageable tasks which you action straight after the calls.
  • You get immediate feedback as well as new ideas to help you get to the next stage.
  • Working with Ute in this way reduces stress. She helps you to get started and avoid procrastination — there is no danger of you getting stuck!
  • It is an affordable way of working with Ute. Whilst the cost depends on your type of business or marketing project and whether you want Ute to review any written material, the daily fee starts from only £100.
  • You’ll do two (or more, depending on your projects) Skype or phone calls in one day, at a prearranged time.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to partner with experienced business coach Ute Wieczorek-King to get guidance, motivation, ideas, answers to your business questions and that reassuring feeling that you are not working completely alone!

Ute is only offering these days on September 18th, 21st and 23rd.  

Why not contact her by email or call her on +44 (0) 7729-212299, so you can have a quick chat about your projects or ideas and how this day can be tailored to your needs?

Ute2013Ute can help you whether you want to sort some business or client issues, work on your social media, a blog post, proposal, ebook, presentation, USP or a new joint venture, or set powerful business and marketing goals that will inspire and guide you during the final three months of this year.

Ute is a business coach, mentor, teacher and trainer who has run her own businesses for over 20 years.