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The other day a client asked me what marketing activity helps me to get noticed as a business coach/mentor that leads to more business. I didn’t have to think long about my answer. My No.1 activity happens to be blogging.

She was rather surprised because she had expected me to mention networking, social media and speaking or presenting to groups as they are all things she knew I had done a lot of in the past. But blogging is different!

No other marketing activity has given me the exposure and recognition that blogging has.

No other marketing activity has led to the special kind of opportunities that have helped me to grow my business.


Like the Guardian editor who invited me to be part of a work-life balance panel. She had contacted me after reading one of my blog posts on the subject and subsequently checking me out online.

The same happened with the Huffington Post editor who emailed me completely out of the blue, and the senior corporate director who contacted me to run courses for her staff.

Indeed, several of my ongoing projects have come about simply because people I didn’t know personally had been reading and following my blog posts for a while.

The thing with blogging is, it takes over where your website or your business card stop!

Your potential client’s curiosity may not be satisfied by a static, old-fashioned website any more, that neither shows your personality nor your expertise in the way a blog post can.

And because blogging enables you to share your knowledge regularly and in small doses, it even beats the occasional public-speaking slot in my opinion. That’s because blogging will keep you in front of an interested audience!

So when you want to get noticed and be able to stand out from the crowd more, blogging is the one thing I’d like you to consider. Why not start a blog now or, if you have one already, write more?!


If you’re hesitant because you’re not sure you can write well enough or have something worth sharing, or you are feeling a little shy, think again.

I truly believe that if I can write, so can anyone!

After all my writing is never that polished and sometimes even a little quirky — remember, I don’t write in my native language.

Plus, I also know what’s it’s like to fight that nagging little voice that tells you you’re either not good enough or that no-one will bother to read your musings anyway.

In other words, if blogging enables me to stand out from the crowd of all the other business coaches (and there many of us) it will enable you to get noticed too!

Who knows what doors may open as a result of you sharing your voice online?

So why not check out the blogging ecourses I’m offering with my colleagues over at We can help you to start or grow your blog so you can stand out online!


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Penny Wallington Reply

As a terrified beginner, I booked on to the course this morning; really enjoyed the webinar with the 3 of you; so many good bits of information to follow up already. Looking forward to opening part 2.

    Ute Reply

    Penny, a big welcome to the world of blogging. I’m so glad you have made a start with one of our courses and that you enjoyed our webinar too. It’s not often that you get 3 very different presenters who all share the desire to make blogging as easy as possible. Hope you enjoy the rest of the course too!

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