Inner Circle Testimonials

A huge thank you for getting me started again, I know that I would still be dithering if I hadn’t taken part in your circle. I felt really motivated and inspired to get stuck in!” Carole Connolly, Life-Matters Coaching & Training

“I found the circle group very supportive.  I liked the small size of group as it gave everyone an opportunity to make comments, suggestions and give general support. Very interesting hearing other people’s experiences and then thinking about how making some changes to your own business could be beneficial.  Throughout my time as a member I felt very inspired and it gave me great confidence to seriously look at my business and what changes needed to be made to move forward.” Karen Livingstone, Little Acorn Marketing

“The Circle has helped me to focus on what is important in order for me to be able to grow the business. Working on my own a lot it was good to have someone to bounce off ideas, but most importantly Inner Circle has really helped me to focus on working ON the business not just IN it. I now have part time consultants working with me and my revenue this time last year was a third of what it is today. Ute’s expertise, knowledge and understanding has helped me to achieve business targets I thought never possible. I know working with Ute will help me to stay focussed on developing and growing the business further. I recommend Ute & the Inner Circle to any women in business who want to grow and develop.” Rita Adams, Director, A.R.M. Credit Control

“You can feel very isolated running your own business: whatever you really feel inside, you have to put a brave face on to customers and to other business owners you meet; sometimes you get stuck and cannot see the way through a particular issue; sometimes you have just had a really bad week and want to tell someone about it.  My group gives me a safe, non-judgemental place to share frustrations and triumphs or to raise issues that are worrying me – knowing I will get a sympathetic hearing and (without fail) some good ideas that I would not have thought of on my own.My last one to one session with Ute was really valuable. It forced me to step back and recognise some limitations I was putting on myself and identify actions to get over that.Last but not least, the other members are a really nice bunch of people! I can wholeheartedly recommend group coaching.” Jayne Reddyhoff, The Ecommerce Adviser

“The benefits of being part of this group mean that I continue to learn from other women in business, I can ask other members for help and I develop my business too. This means that as an independent HR professional I have access to ‘a sounding board’ (of great business experience and expertise) which is particularly useful when launching new services and business ideas.  Ute, our coach, ensures all meetings are facilitated, focused and action points are followed through! Mary Fraser, Fraser HR

“As an ex corporate now turned independent I really miss colleagues to bounce ideas off and get support from. That is what your Circle offers. Have no fear, you will get challenging feedback, but the only agenda here is to help each other build a successful business. The fact we all have different backgrounds allows us to ask the questions, sometimes obvious, that so often get overlooked. We help each other shine the light on what works well and what needs to be improved. Together we celebrate successes and are there for each other during more difficult times. Not just colleagues but so much more.” Helene Cooper, Accredited Coach-Mentor

“There is an empathy which allows even the most challenging of issues to be aired in a supportive environment and, most crucially, there is a passion for and celebration in each other’s business success. The Inner Circle has also been a source of identifying quality trusted suppliers. For any woman who is starting or has established a small business who wants to have a trusted collaborative team to work with, I would recommend the Success Network Inner Circles.”
Rachel Fletcher, Rachel Fletcher Associates Ltd, Executive Coaching for Finance Managers

“I cannot recommend Ute and the Inner Circle highly enough. At a time when I was going through many changes both in my business and personal life, talking to the group helped me put everything into perspective and gave me the courage to move forward.” Alix Horne, Amax Designs

“Having the benefit of a Circle to help towards the development of your business is invaluable. The concept of having ‘buddies’ on hand to discuss, consult and advise, is extremely helpful. And Ute is, of course, a tower of strength, support and good advice that surpasses any other group I have belonged to.” Alice Elliott

“Inner Circle enabled me to look at my business from an angle where I am not just working ‘in’ the business but actually ‘on’ the business. When you talk about your business it’s typically with customers, colleagues and suppliers.  Inner Circle offers you an angle from members that is honest and straight forward. It keeps you grounded and focused. I always looked forward to the meetings and reading about everyone’s progress and goals. Definitely the best thing I have done for myself and the future of my business.” Marni Jalif, Director, Hospitality Store

“It is amazing to see how my company has transformed during the last year. This time last year, it was a business that was jack of all, master of no trades. A year later it has transformed to a company that has grown considerably, secured VIP clientele and has recently been short listed for an International Business Award. My fellow board members have been invaluable. Personally my self esteem and passion have been kicked into gear and that has kept me driving forward.” Ngaire Takano

“The Circle is different to other business groups I’ve been involved in. It is a close-knit group, and over the months we built up trust and understanding of each other’s businesses. Members discuss successes and concerns and the group is forthcoming with ideas and suggestions to help each other move forward. It’s particularly helpful to get a range of views when you’re stuck in a rut or can’t see your way out of a situation. Because you meet the same people each month, and all are committed to the group, there is a continuity that is often missing from broader networks.” Jane Brocklebank Marketing

“My aim was to start thinking of myself as a businesswoman and I’ve achieved this, thanks to your guidance and tips. I now have a clear plan of where I’m going and a weekly structure to balance writing and marketing. I have great optimism that I will succeed!” Julie Farrell, Writer and Member for 3 months