1-to-1 business support

Thank you, you are a first class mentor. You have taken my web presence to a new level in an hour. How good is that? You’re a lovely generous lady who makes it all worthwhile.” Jane Aireton, Success At 60 Plus

Ute’s expertise is a ‘must have’ for any woman starting her own business, she has an excellent understanding of all issues involved, both business and personal.” Fiona McKenzie, Blue Note Solutions Ltd

Ute’s experience in the challenges and opportunities that small businesses face has been key in helping Emmaus through some key business transitions.  Ute is always a pleasure to work with I would highly recommend taking the time to seek her assistance on any matter that needs careful consideration.” Sarah Shearer, Emmaus Accountants

Thank you for the boost to my confidence! Sometimes I forget what I can do and get dragged down by the humdrum activities. It was really nice to hear your take on my business and I feel much more motivated to continue on an upward path, rather than settling for second best. Just what I needed.”  Marketing Consultant

Coaching with Ute has led to a period of rapid development for ‘Just Ideas’, which was based on establishing a clear plan, re-prioritising our work, delegating through associates and other new approaches. These have helped to increase the turnover of the company and fostered a feeling of being more in control. I have found Ute to be a creative and constructive thinker who is able to draw on her own wide experience to enable changes which have improved how we work. Ute is both professional and friendly in her approach to the coaching that we have received.  My personal involvement with Ute focused on increasing my confidence in tendering and presenting for pieces of new work. Following this support I have been successful in bringing in new projects for Just Ideas. We look forward to continuing to develop our company and our personal skills with the support of Ute.” R. Usher, Director, Just Ideas Ltd

Ute gains a quick and deep understanding of your business. She is an eloquent and highly experienced business coach who steers and guides you towards your goals in no time at all.” T. Booth

I cannot speak highly enough of Ute and her colleagues who are professional, knowledgeable and discreet. Ute makes you see clearly what you may already know and turns the information into a positive, even if you believe it is negative. If you are considering using a Coach please do speak to Ute, as she will make a great difference to your business or employment.” S. Horton

Ute was recommended with an impressive track record of empowering people, engaging with individuals from all levels and many different cultures. Due to my seniority and cultural background, I was looking for someone to inspire me, who understands my needs. Ute is caring, trustworthy, always ready to challenge me, well organised, and always willing to put in the extra mile.”  Tamar Meshoulem

Ute is not the sort of person to come with ready-made solutions or to throw money at a project.  She guides, encourages, motivates people to tap into their inner resources so that they can achieve great things for themselves. I have worked with her for over 15 years in different capacities, and whether part of a training group or on a 1-1 level, I never fail to come away from our meetings feeling inspired to do greater things.” Catherine Osborn, Writer

Inner Circle mentoring groups

Ute has a talent for seeing opportunities others don’t see. Working with Ute in the circle helps me to stay focused on what is important in order for me to be able to grow the business. It is good to have someone to bounce off ideas and to focus on working ON the business not just IN it. I now have part time consultants working with me and my revenue this time last year was a third of what it is today. Ute’s expertise, knowledge and understanding has helped me to achieve business targets I thought never possible.” Rita Adams, Director, A.R.M. Credit Control

You can feel very isolated running your own business: whatever you really feel inside, you have to put a brave face on to customers and to other business owners you meet; sometimes you get stuck and cannot see the way through a particular issue; sometimes you have just had a really bad week and want to tell someone about it. My group gives me a safe, non-judgemental place to share frustrations and triumphs or to raise issues that are worrying me – knowing I will get a sympathetic hearing and (without fail) some good ideas that I would not have thought of on my own. My last one to one session with Ute was really valuable too. It forced me to step back and recognise some limitations I was putting on myself and identify actions to get over that. Last but not least, the other members are a really nice bunch of people! I can wholeheartedly recommend group coaching.” Jayne Reddyhoff, Zanzibar Digital

When you work with Ute you are guaranteed excellent advice and results. And the benefit of a Circle to help towards the development of your business is invaluable. The concept of having ‘buddies’ on hand to discuss, consult and advise, is extremely helpful. And Ute is, of course, a tower of strength, support and good advice that surpasses any other group I have belonged to.” Alice Elliott

“Inner Circle helped me to work not just ‘in’ the business but ‘on’ the business. When you talk about your business it’s typically with customers, colleagues and suppliers. Inner Circle offers you feedback that is honest and straight forward. It keeps you grounded and focused. I always looked forward to the meetings and reading about everyone’s progress and goals. Definitely the best thing I have done for myself and the future of my business.” Marni Jalif, Director, Hospitality Store

The Circle is very different to other business groups I’ve been involved in. It is a close-knit group, and over the months we built up trust and understanding of each other’s businesses. Members discuss successes and concerns and the group is forthcoming with ideas and suggestions to help each other move forward. It’s particularly helpful to get a range of views when you’re stuck in a rut or can’t see your way out of a situation.” Jane Brocklebank Marketing

Presentations & workshops

It is quite amazing to see that every single person marked your networking presentation as excellent which in all my time as Branch Secretary has never happened before! They evaluated you for content/style/length/knowledge of subject and adaptability to the audience. Thank you very much for an entertaining and encouraging presentation! A. Brooks, Association of Accounting Technicians

“Many thanks for an excellent workshop. We have had a few different presentations on networking and this was by far the best and most practical. All the members I talked to were very impressed!” B. Murphy, Chairman of Thames Valley Executive Job Club

“Thank you once again for a really brilliant Facebook workshop. It was very ‘hands-on’ and just what we needed. The feedback from the ladies was very positive and I personally found it really really helpful too!” B. Johal, Slough Borough Council

Ute and Mel were able to condense into 2 hours a wealth of knowledge that really hit the spot in terms of the what and how to work with Social Media for a small business. They addressed the fears and pitfalls and offered a simple step by step approach to build confidence and impetus to really engage with Social Media in a meaningful way. My social media business presence has built real momentum since the workshop and I have been able to make connections with my target market in ways that would not been available in any other way.” Rachel Fletcher

“The way Ute runs Success Network builds a picture of the sort of person she is, authentic, assertive, ethical with high levels of integrity. Seeing the way that she has grown her business is good validation that this is what she will help me do with mine.” Carole Connolly, Life-Matters Coaching & Training


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