Starting the New Year without ‘feast and famine’

“It is within each of us to achieve anything we want in life,” were the encouraging words spoken by Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter at his funeral.

I’ve just finished a buzzing Skype call with two of my clients. We had a productive brainstorming session about what ‘anything’ might mean for their business at this particular point in time.

Many of us have high aspirations for our business at the beginning of a year. So now that we are not far from the end of this year, where are you with your ambitions? Have you experienced a good year or a variable one with business coming and going?

It’s not always easy for ‘solos’ to achieve a steady flow of leads leading to work! 

Indeed I see many freelancers and solo business owners succumb to ‘feast and famine’ — by that I mean periods of intense busyness which alternate with worrying quiet spells when there is little work.

What causes feast and famine? 

You may think it’s simply down to luck or fate but ‘feast and famine’ tends to happen when people neglect their marketing. Even when it’s only done temporarily it means you’re neglecting your own business progress to help someone else’s move ahead instead.

A sobering thought?

If working on the business has been on your back burner too, trust me you can still make a difference this year — or at least pave the way for a great start in the New Year!

This time last year, one of my clients set herself a four-week goal to prepare for new and much better paying clients which would allow her to drop some of her stressful, small, poorly paid projects.

We worked out a plan of action which included attending different networking events, getting speaking opportunities and arranging targeted one-to-ones. As part of this plan, we also created a strategy to gain more introductions and an offer to present to some of her ex-clients.

Another client focused on researching how best to offer her service to make it more transparent and easier to buy. We reviewed her pricing too and without having to lower her fees she ended up starting the New Year with new business.

It is amazing what you can achieve in a month!

Motivational quote

It is within each of us to achieve anything we want in life

Remember, “It is within each of us to achieve anything we want in life.”

So even if you’re really busy right now, it really makes sense to think and plan ahead.

Why not spare some time from your billable work in the next four weeks?

Start writing the ebook you’ve been wanting to write, the processes you’ve always wanted to simplify or the plan that improves confidence in your selling techniques.

Now is the time to give this year a final push and make great things happen in the New Year!

About Ute Wieczorek-King: 

Ute is a UK-based German business mentor who inspires passionate midlife women to achieve business success by simplifying and staying focused on what really matters.

If you’d like to take your small venture from good to great, why not  download Ute’s free “Passion to Profit ebook or read her motivational business tips on Facebook.



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