111 positive words to engage readers and potential buyers

As a non-native speaker of English I am always on the lookout for positive words that make the right impact in my marketing. I confess I am a fan of the adjective “great” to describe someone or something, a state or a feeling.  I have been using (or should I say overusing)  it ever since I came to the UK.  So that’s quite a long time!

Why do we stick to the same positive words?

In my case, it probably stems from the fact that I somewhat overused the German equivalent for “great” too. Perhaps it’s simply because some words are fashionable for a time among certain groups of people. And then perhaps we miss the point at which they stop making the right impact and become unfashionable.

“Lovely“ happens to be another favourite. I often catch myself using it two or three times in the same post in social media. My favourite words just seem to flow out of me, they have become a habit I need to break. So I’m forever editing and rethinking what I really want to say.

It is worth remembering that when you communicate effectively by using the right words you will touch your readers and this may help them to remember you.

I came across this list from Grammarly recently – what a helpful find.  I love having suitable alternatives  to “great” and “lovely” to hand. I hope it helps you too to communicate better using the right positive words that make the right impact.

I imagine it should come in handy too when writing testimonials, blog posts or social media updates. Or when designing your next landing page. Even when you’re networking online and want to describe someone else’s service!

Saying all that, some of these alternatives have been slightly overused too, don’t you think? What about “awesome“! “Unprecedented“ springs to mind too. (Yes we know we have never been in a pandemic before but still…)

What is your favourite replacement for great? And can you think of any useful positive words not on this list?


111 Words to Use Instead of Great (Infographic)
Source: www.grammarcheck.net


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