Is there ever a wrong time to focus on selling?

"Building relationships" Photo taken by Alison Crown Photography

“Building relationships” Photo by Alison Crown Photography

Do you know when to focus your time and energy on selling?

Not all of us have a service or product that sells all year round although some micro business owners will desparately try to sell as hard as they can … all the time. Others avoid selling altogether – at any time – because the sales process can seem contrived and manipulative.

Either way, few of us will consider our potential customer’s preference and know when they are open to buying!

My own customers for example – busy female micro-business owners – rarely buy during the Christmas or the summer season. This could mean three ‘quiet’ months in the Success Network office with some frantic months either side. At other times, my potential customers are often ready to buy far sooner than I think, so if I held back, I might give them the impression that I am not interested in helping them!

So how can you find out when you will make the biggest impact with your promotions?

First of all, you may want to double-check that you are not wasting lots of time (and money) on the wrong potential customers. To prevent that from happening, it is always a good idea to invest a little time in some reflection.  I go back to the drawing board at least twice a year, to adjust previous goals and plans, as goalposts can move.

Make sure you have a strategy that outlines clearly what you sell to whom, and when your customers are most likely to buy.

It is vital that you try to understand your target audience.

You need to know their needs and buying habits!

For service providers this usually means investing time in building quality, strong and authentic relationships.

Not only will your potential customers get to trust you this way, you will have plenty of opportunities to REALLY listen to them and their needs. And when you do, you will know how you can best help to solve their problems.

Remember… only when you understand what is most important to them will you know when and how specifically you can help.

Running a business without a clear understanding of your customer’s needs and habits can be like finding yourself in a dark room in which the lights have blown. Not very easy – you may trip up trying to ‘feel’ your way to the door.

But if you use your ‘selling time’ wisely (and sparingly) and are ready for when your customers are most likely to buy, there’s really no need to let anything trip you up from now on!

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