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The spark of new thinking by Ute Wieczorek-King

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I talk to a lot of successful women in business, about their professional background, their ambitions and future aspirations.

Recently I had a very interesting discussion with another female business owner. By the end of the meeting, having shared our individual stories, we realised we had lots in common.

We both had experience of growing a successful business and were always full of innovative ideas that prevented our business from going stale.

But that’s not what sets the entrepreneur apart.


We were also familiar with working round the clock trying to fit the business round the family or vice versa. Yes, we would have loved to have more hours in the day and were always looking for ways to do more in less time.

The key thing we agreed on was that we saw ourselves as entrepreneurs rather than women who run a small home-based business.

What is different about entrepreneurs?

  • They frequently focus on the bigger picture, rather than on all the small daily tasks and actions
  • They will make the happy transition from working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business
  • They will know how to focus and prioritise the profit-generating activities
  • They don’t feel that they have to manage everything on their own and will delegate or outsource accordingly

Crucially they believe that it’s easier to tap into other people’s expertise than to learn how to do everything yourself. Consequently I see many successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with a network of experts.

Also, acknowledging that we cannot know it all is what made me and my above-mentioned colleague seek out mentors throughout our 20-odd years in business. Although some of these mentoring relationships were just informal arrangements, they all provided us with knowledge and expertise we didn’t have ourselves.

So if you think you’ve got too caught up in the ‘here and now’ of your business and you don’t have the time to think about the bigger picture, looking for your very own mentor may just help you to make the mind shift to being an entrepreneur!

Ute2013About the author:

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