How good is your vision?

Having sight but no vision

I was in my thirties with three young children, when I got ill with a recurring eye infection that made my eyes so painful and sensitive to light that I would effectively be blind for several days.

During the worst attack I was admitted to an eye hospital, on New Year’s Eve! I found myself alone not being able to see, with just one other in-patient, an old lady, for company.

During the night, the nurse who looked after me told me that there was a chance the antibiotic eye drops might not work and that I could go blind. How kind of her to warn me!

Why having (a) vision is important

That New Year’s eve many years ago, I was forced to take stock. I had been on the hamster wheel that I know so many busy women are on, especially working mums.

When life is hectic and we allow ourselves to get swept along, it’s all too easy to lose direction.

And before long, your sense of self can get a little blurred too.

So one of the decisions I made there and then was to take control of my health, my life and my business. For example, in my business this meant to always have a meaningful vision and a clearer direction.

It turned out to be a good decision as I learned that having a strong vision can feel like someone is taking you by the hand, guiding you gently in the right direction.

But I also realised that you need more than a guiding vision for your business.

You need ‘good vision’ on a day-today basis. By that I mean clarity and seeing things as they really are — so crucial when you run your own business!

If we don’t take the time to be mindful and observe, then what may be staring you in the face will be blurred and you won’t take the right action.

New opportunities may pass you by too.

It is easy to see when someone doesn’t have a personal or a business vision because they can’t see the wood for the trees – just like I didn’t!


How to see your business in focus

If you can’t see where you are going, try first to focus on where you actually are in your business. Imagine you’re seeing you and your business as an observer — someone who is experiencing it for the first time!

If it’s difficult at first, you could start by keeping a daily business diary or journal and log what goes well and what doesn’t?

Or you could practise by becoming a more careful observer generally.

I practised ‘seeing’ by observing people more consciously and mindfully. I like train journeys so I can gaze out of the window. I marvel at art and nature, especially rainbows, sunsets, full moons, starry skies and storm clouds as if I’ve not seen them before.

In business I started to notice nice logos, presentations and websites, and some seemed like works of art.

Getting real clarity may take a bit of practice but focusing on things as they are in your business will give you an opportunity to appreciate what’s good. Or you can make changes, as I did, by putting something right that was wrong.

Embracing the present — now that’s what I call having good vision!


Ute2013About the author: Hi, my name is Ute and I’m an experienced German business mentor, trainer and blogger who is based in the UK.  I help passionate midlife women to stay focused, work smarter and stand out from the crowd. 

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PS. The above post was first published in 2010 on Success Network Recipes


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