Audio: How to get seen and trusted online when you don’t like standing out

What can you do when you offer a valuable service but feel a little uncomfortable about marketing and promoting yourself? About the need to get visible, to get seen and trusted online and stand out from the crowd?

When you run your own business you can’t really afford to be shy or to hold back. You want to get found online and you also want to be someone people can trust so you can do your best – teaching or supporting your customers and sharing your expertise.

After all you are probably highly skilled and have loads of experience that you’d like to get recognised for.

But so many women hold back online and understandably so! Not everyone is an extrovert or has the in-built confidence to promote themselves in a way that feels right. For you it probably needs to be a way that feels authentic too.

So what is the answer?

Hear how I overcame my own fear of being visible. As an ‘ambivert’ (borderline intro/extrovert) I struggled with certain aspects of promoting myself particularly in the early days of my business coaching practice.

This happened to coincide with the early days of social media. It was all new and a little scary at first as I’d come from running a corporate training business. ‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing had built my business – I didn’t need to do much promoting and certainly not online!

I know that I wasn’t unusual and would like to show you the main reasons why women hold back online and the best way to overcome any hesitation you might feel.

Find out too what helped me to overcome my resistance (no, not coaching!) and to step out of my comfort zone. It was in many ways the easiest and also most successful way to grow awareness of my online coaching and mentoring service. And it helped me to be seen as a go-to-expert in my field!

I’ll show you the key mindset, tool and approaches that could help you to get seen and trusted online. (Especially when you don’t like to promote yourself or stand out – whether online or offline.)

I’d love to know what works best for you!



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Shalagh Reply

Oh Ute, this is the absolute truth. I quite stumbled into blogging and it was the very best thing that has ever happened to me. I became a much better writer. The positive feedback I’ve had often from strangers has given me a confidence in my unique view that has also boosted my esteem. I like how you stressed each individual’s unique view. Very important. I am very much that introvert avoiding notariety. And this was very validating to hear. Plus I adore listening to you. I decided a month ago that I will also be doing sound cloud recordings of my blog posts as another option to engage my audience. Thank you for doing what you do in the honest way that you do it!

    Ute Reply

    Thanks for your lovely comment Shalagh. Isn’t it amazing how blogging can put us on a journey with ourselves. And as everyone is different with different skills and passions that journey will be different for each of us. But it will always be a true and authentic journey if we embrace it. Ps audio blogging is much more fun than I thought it might be- I look forward to your first recording….go fo it:) x

Mary Fraser Reply

Really good sound advice and tips, Ute. Particularly like how you recommend ways to overcome fears of on line communication.

    Ute Reply

    Thank you Mary! I enjoyed putting these tips together as no one (in my humble opinion) needs to fear the virtual world… it’s just people communicating with people x

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