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Evening Sky by Ute Wieczorek-King

I recently returned from a lovely camping break in the West Country. One day my husband and I were faced with a bewildering choice of campsites in the same area. Each seemed to feature something different: state-of-the-art washrooms, generously-sized pitches, an outstanding view or a peaceful setting. Since our guide book didn’t provide much information, our only option was to visit each of them to find out which one we liked best.

Unless you are so laid back that you are not fussed about your surroundings, making the wrong choice on a camping holiday can lead to upset – like the time I decided to ignore the obvious noise level on a busy site only to find it made me really grumpy after the first sleepless night!

The site owners objective was clearly to encourage groups of young people to have a good time! (Not a good fit for us who wanted to relax in peaceful surroundings.)

Being unclear about your own objectives as a customer can turn your experience into an unsatisfactory one!

And when you are the supplier, not understanding your customers’ objectives is quite risky too as it reduces your chances of fulfilling their expectations.

As suppliers, we sometimes try to tick as many boxes as we can for our customers in an attempt to keep them happy, but this approach can easily backfire.

I saw evidence of this at a networking group I used to attend where the group’s original objectives became very muddled over time. They kept adding new objectives in an attempt to attract new customers which  didn’t work – before long the group closed down.

So with every business activity you carry out, please make sure your purpose is crystal clear and that it matches your customer’s objective.  You need to be able to gauge easily whether your customers’ needs are being met and when to change your strategy.

Objectives are important for all of your new projects

It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a new service, hosting an event or writing a new article. They are equally important for any other business activities you participate in so always make sure you have one clear objective to guide you!

Then you can have check-points to make sure that your objective is actually being fulfilled.

The benefits could be manifold!

Events may be better attended, readers more engaged, collaborators more fired up and projects completed faster. All this could give you much better results from your efforts and… guess what…save you time and money in the long run!

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