Why you should celebrate more often than you think

It was the Queen’s (actual) 90th birthday last week and, having switched off my computer for the day, I decided to join in the celebrations in Windsor.

The happy atmosphere was infectious. Everyone enjoyed it, not just the locals or the foreign tourists – Sandra and Sandy from the reality TV show Gogglebox were in their element!

IMG_6933I’m neither a royalist nor a British Citizen but having lived in the UK for many years I appreciate the way royal celebrations engage and unite the people of this country.

And I do admire Britain’s formidable 90-year old monarch who doesn’t seem to believe in retiring. She not only had a genuine smile for everyone, it was plain to see how much she enjoys her job. She clearly takes her duties as seriously now as she did half a century ago!


So it came as no surprise when the Windsor crowd burst into song wishing her a Happy Birthday.

No matter how you feel about the monarchy, sometimes we all need to have the excuse of a celebration to ‘stop’ the humdrum and day-to-day routine of life.

Three reasons why celebrations are important in business 

In our “always-on” world, many of us are so caught up in business and on the hamster wheel, that we often don’t stop for long enough to acknowledge successes or celebrate all but the most outstanding achievements.

But there are 3 important reasons you should take celebrations seriously:

  1. Celebrations motivate and inspire us as well as others around us, e.g. our colleagues, suppliers and clients. Motivation is so important in business. It gives us the drive, energy and passion to do our best and move the business forward.
  2. Stepping out of our daily routine gives us a rare opportunity to assess the bigger picture. Many busy female entrepreneurs are so busy that it can be hard to stay focused on what’s important and it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. Celebrating gives you a chance to acknowledge and stay tuned in to your progress.
  3. A third important reason to celebrate is that milestones can be a great marketing opportunity for the business – and frequently a welcome chance for some useful PR!

What are your important business milestones? 

Of course there are the obvious ones: the business launch and the business birthdays or anniversaries.

I celebrated every one of Success Network’s first five business birthdays (and recently also its tenth!). I remember a celebration with colleagues at Ascot once and then another, celebrating 10 years of being a large company’s ‘oldest’ (or should I say most longstanding) training supplier.



But what about the other milestones?

The first time you outsource, the first employee or the first big contract? Or the first project you complete with a joint venture partner? All of these are important milestones too.

Do you usually let them pass by unacknowledged? Or do you give yourself a pat on the back and get straight back to work?

Why not toast and share an achievement with friends, suppliers or colleagues? It doesn’t always need to be a big event – sometimes having an informal get-together with a few selected people is enough.

And in case you’re afraid of being seen to boast, don’t worry. Just remember that the right people will feel inspired and motivated by your achievement.

What if you feel there isn’t much to celebrate?

Of course there is that thought that you might not have much to celebrate. Maybe business is slower than expected, maybe it’s undergone some changes and you feel a little uncertain about its progress.

But it is potentially even more important to look back and consider what you have achieved anyway.

What about celebrating a new skill, a new website or blog, your first followers on Twitter or Instagram, a fantastic testimonial, having dealt with a difficult customer?

My Attract Readers (a joint venture) partners and I even held a little virtual celebration on the day our first online blogging course went live – we had to overcome quite a few obstacles to make it all come together.motivation-995295_640

Even during challenging times and when faced with a barrier, there is always something you may have learnt or moved on from. Something you can feel grateful for. (Remember the motivating effect of acknowledging and celebrating?)

As you may have guessed, I like celebrating and will certainly join in again on the day of the Queen’s official birthday in a couple of month’s time.

I’m sure that by that time I will have something else to celebrate, whether it’s the completion of  another ebook or having helped a client achieve a big goal!

Either way there will be some champagne in the fridge, and I may even dig out my Ascot hat … just for fun!

Will you join me and if yes, what will you celebrate?


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