Want to boost your business? Here’s what to do first!

3 simple ways to boost your business

3 simple ways to boost your business

From time to time you just want to boost your business quickly! Maybe it’s because your regular marketing strategies aren’t attracting the desired business and you haven’t yet worked out why.

So you just want some quick wins to tie you over.  If that’s the case my tips below will hopefully get you started. (Although longterm you probably want to try and prevent the feast and famine effect that can make running a business quite stressful.)

1. Update your testimonials

Do you keep updating your testimonials on a regular basis? In my experience, many people underestimate the potential impact of a new testimonial.

And sometimes we even forget to ask for them.

If that rings a bell, why not email or phone your current and most recent customers? It doesn’t pay to hold back here as testimonials still carry a lot of weight and sharing a new one with your potential customers may just convince them to work with you. You can also use them as social media updates, add them to your proposals, newsletters and even your email signature!

3 simple ways to boost your business

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

2. Get new referrals

People you’ve worked with recently will usually be happy to pass on your details to relevant contacts. Some will do this as a matter of course (especially when your relationship is strong) and others may need to be asked. Always remember that busy ex-clients may simply forget because they have moved on to new projects and have more important things on their mind.

But what if some time has passed since you worked with them? Again, don’t underestimate the importance of reconnecting. Some people like to offer a small incentive to get a referral, others will focus first on how they could help their ex-client again. Much depends on the nature of your relationship!

3. Get closer to your network – both online and offline

If you mainly serve local customers, why not plan to visit some new networking events in the next three months. Networking in the summer (particularly in July and August) or around Christmas time can be most enjoyable. In my experience many group meetings are smaller and more relaxed during holiday periods. This can make connecting with new people a lot easier, especially if you feel a little shy in large groups.

And if you mainly network online, as I do these days, why not join a new online group or forum.

Facebook is where everything seems to happen these days and lots of active and interesting business groups can be found here. Linkedin has undergone quite a few changes recently and it seems to me that Linkedin groups just can’t keep up with the positive energy of Facebook!

Whilst the return from your online group activities may not get you instant results, the key here (as with any network or forum) is to make sure that you do go where your  potential customers are most likely to hang out. And that you approach new groups with a helping mindset – not an opportunity to advertise your service.

And finally, try to stay in touch by sending good contacts a regular personal (or direct) message online. Plus arrange those all important one-to-one meetings (or video calls) that will deepen the connection you have with someone. They are also an excellent opportunity to identify how you can help each other. Never underestimate the potential impact of a good catch-up with someone you know!

Have you tried any other strategies to boost your business quickly? Please share with our readers what has worked for you!


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