Top tips for business bloggers who want to attract readers

image1Would you like your blog content to have the ‘magnetic energy’ it needs to attract readers and grow your business?

Here is a roundup of inspirational articles from our partner site Attract Readers™.

They will help you to promote yourself and your blog better, increase your visibility and understand best blogging practice:

Here is a small selection of our blog posts:

How to attract readers without being pushy

Four good reasons why your blog posts need images to attract readers

How to remember to blog when you’re always too busy

How much should you be worrying about SEO?

Six ways to make blogging easier and more enjoyable

How to beat writer’s block in your blog

The blogging love that makes your customers come closer

What would you with a free tool that enhances business visibility?

We hope you will enjoy browsing our Attract Readers™ site where Marketer Jean Wolfe, Fairy Blogmother Alice Elliott and I make blogging easier for older female bloggers who run (or want to start) their own small business.
4 key mistakes

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Happy Blogging!


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