Clear objectives lead to happy customers

I recently returned from a lovely camping break in the West Country. One day my husband and I were faced with a bewildering choice of campsites in the same area. Each seemed to feature something different: state-of-the-art washrooms, generously-sized pitches, an outstanding view or a peaceful setting. I learnt how being unclear about your own objectives as a customer can turn your experience into an unsatisfactory one, and how important it is for suppliers to have clear objectives too!

Multitasking – a useful skill for busy solopreneurs?

Are you a busy solopreneur who can juggle a million and one things? Mothers often seem to have a built-in ability and a need to complete several tasks at once. Therefore many women, who run a micro-business from home, think that their multitasking skills will help them to work faster and get more done in their solo-business. Find out why this approach may compromise your productivity!