Audio: A simple tip how to avoid difficult clients

We’ve all done it – taken on a client we shouldn’t have. Sometimes the warning signs are there when you meet someone for the first time. And at other times you discover too late that you’ve taken on a client you don’t enjoy working with.

And by that time you probably regret it as working with them may have become stressful and time-consuming. I’ve experienced this too especially in my early days as a coach. But then I discovered how easy it can be to avoid difficult customers and attract the right ones!

They tend to be people who appreciate your help. People who make you feel valued and are also happy to pay the appropriate fees for your service.

But why is it so easy to get it wrong? And why do some women have a habit of attracting the client from hell?

Sometimes we simply ignore our gut instinct and tell ourselves that it’s just business. But is it?

Listen to my short audio with my very simple tip. It could lay the foundation for future successful client relationships and turn your stressful business into a fun one!

And please have a pen and paper ready too as I’ll be asking you to think about what you need to focus on to attract the right clients.


And now, please copy and complete the following sentence:

“It makes me feel … (insert a positive word like valued, respected or happy) when my clients (people or companies) ….


or give/offer me…


And what I don’t want them to do… (write it down too) …”

Next time you meet a new potential client, all you need to do is focus on what you want to happen. When you do, you will feel confident and start communicating accordingly.

Always remind yourself that it’s worth listening to your gut instinct too and that, without fail, you deserve the best clients.

And here’s the thing.

When you work with the best clients whilst maintaining your boundaries and honouring your values, good things happen.

You’ll work at your best … and will have fun too instead of getting stressed!

Ute2016About the author: Hi, my name is Ute Wieczorek-King and I’m an experienced micro-business start-up/ growth mentor, trainer and blogger. I specialise in helping passionate midlife women to be visible online and offline, to simplify and stay focused on what matters most.

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