I’m Ute Wieczorek-King and I have been helping busy women run a stress-free, enjoyable, visible and sustainable business since 2002.

“I know what’s it’s like to be successful and how hard it can be to achieve it!”

I had no access to business advice or a support network 27 years ago when I started my first business, having moved to the UK from Germany.

Growing my training business over the next 10 years meant learning everything I needed to know through trial and error. I had to learn how to sell my service, scale the business, recruit, deal with fierce competition, trust my instincts and take risks. 

I always found myself at odds with traditional pushy sales & marketing techniques which went totally against my values. For one, I believe in collaborating rather than competing!

And I frequently found myself fire-fighting and feeling guilty about not spending enough quality time with my three children.

In 2007 – 2 years after co-founding Success Network with my colleague Mary Fraser – I launched our collaborative Inner Circle mentoring groups to help other busy women succeed with their small businesses. I felt that nobody needs to feel as alone as I used to, when having to make crucial business decisions and trying to achieve your own level of success that is meaningful. 

I enjoy designing and facilitating innovative learning events, including the first hands-on social media courses in the South East that were offered by Business Link in 2009 and 2010.

Success Network also pioneered ‘slow’ speed networking and an annual motivational event for International Women’s Day, which soon became the largest independent celebration for female business owners in the Thames Valley.

Running workshops for a local start-up initiative from 2010-2017, I covered topics such as business development, branding, selling, pitching, social networking and blogging.

Blogging is really important to me

Having written several ebooks and hundreds of blog posts and articles on my own blogs, some of my articles have also been published on the Huffington Post website and Prowess 2.0.

Blogging has led to many wonderful opportunities for me and in 2014 I cofounded AttractReaders.com to help women get known, liked and trusted through their blog. My colleague Jean Wolfe and I offer blogging courses and coaching and are also working on a book about overcoming writing obstacles. We are currently looking forward to hosting our annual  charity blogging event for International Women’s Day.

My biggest passion now is to inspire and empower busy female solopreneurs through my writing. Sharing my experiences, my mistakes and my successes allows me to give something back which gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

5BabyMaxOn a personal note

I am happily married with three grown-up children and a delightful little grandson.

I have plenty of first-hand experience of balancing a growing business with many other commitments. I’ve lived (and at times struggled) with my autoimmune illness for over 15 years and more recently was also diagnosed with a chronic lung disease.

Practising Tai Chi and Mindfulness helps me greatly. I also enjoy reading, writing, crochet, sharing my photos on Instagram and participating in creative photo challenges.


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My professional background

As a bilingual (English/German) teacher with a degree in languages, psychology and a PGCE, I spotted a need for specialised business language skills in 1992 and subsequently started a corporate language training company which I grew steadily over a period of 10 years.

My company offered European languages and ‘English as a Foreign Language’ courses, which all led to recognised certifications.

I also designed distance and blended learning courses, one of which was an innovative computer-based learning programme for a major British airline.

Specialising in a niche market with large IT and Telecoms companies, I offered sought-after training to graduates, middle and senior managers.

My mission was to provide a personalised rather than an off-the-shelf service. Ensuring that all courses were taught by experienced teachers to a very high standard helped my company to stand out from my competitors.

When my business was affected by training cuts and job losses as a result of the dot.com crash, I trained as a Performance Coach for Business offering cross-cultural coaching as an add-on service to language and communication skills training.

This new service was particularly welcomed by expats from Europe and Asia who worked in IT in the Thames Valley.

When I founded a separate coaching business in 2002, I became one of the first independent coaches in the East Berkshire area, specialising in the areas of leadership, career change, work-life balance and business start-up.

My passion for helping small businesses run by women, eventually led to co-founding Success Network with my colleague Mary Fraser (Fraser HR) in 2005.

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Here’s why you should trust Ute (in a nutshell):

  • Experienced microbusiness owner (started 25 years ago) and collaborative coach/mentor for women since 2002
  • Creative thinker – “able to generate ideas and solutions others don’t see”
  • Down-to-earth with a jargon-free and straight forward approach to business
  • Able to identify quickly what a micro-business needs, what makes it (or the owner) special and simplify the way forward
  • Has a passion for collaboration – worked with many large and small organisations in order to help business owners succeed
  • A blogger/ writer since 2007, Ute loves inspiring women through her ebooks and articles, some of which are published on Huffington Post and Prowess, the UK’s most highly respected site for business women
  • Co-founder of Attract Readers™ where Ute and her colleagues offer simple, step-by-step blogging ecourses for older or non web-savvy women
  • Empowered hundreds of business women via her annual International Women’s Day events – the largest independent event in the Thames Valley between 2006 and 2012
  • Made social media accessible to women by pioneering a unique concept of hands-on training in 2009 that was sponsored by Business Link
  • Originally from Germany, Ute has lived in the UK for over 30 years and is happily married with 3 grown-up children and a small grandson. She also lives with chronic illness and fully understands the challenges of having to juggle different priorities!