A sure-fire way to innovate, increase your profit and be inspired too

Whilst discussing business goals with one of my Circle members recently – she has a great business, I must add! – she told me that without her business support circle she gets too caught up in the day-to-day running of her business and doesn’t focus enough on how to grow it.

It is true, in the eight years of running my small mentoring groups, I have noticed that women who are part of a motivated team, who share knowledge and brainstorms ideas, make better-informed decisions. Decisions that overcome challenges like when and how to grow the business, or when and how to take on help!

Based on feedback I’ve received over the years, here are “The seven ‘I’s”: the benefits of small group business support according to some of my members:


  • Insight— “For me, this group is a place I can bring a problem I have to deal with in my business. I know I will come away, not only with greater insight into my options for dealing with it, but also insight into why it is a problem and what I can do to avoid it happening again.” Jayne Reddyhoff, The Ecommerce Adviser


  • Inspiration“Being a member helps to stimulate, create and augment my business ideas and provides the motivation to act upon that inspiration.” Fiona McKenzie, Blue Note Solutions Ltd
  • Innovation—“The group helps us to continuously review how we work with clients and to be innovative with our service. This helps us to stay ahead of the competition and to never get stuck in a one-size-fits-all approach.” Rita Adams, A.R.M. Credit Control
  • Initiative — “The team supports each other, which allowed me to feel more confident when venturing into areas I knew nothing about. It made it easier to take the initiative when I felt supported.” Doreen Gowing, Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Improvement“This group is a great place to test my thoughts about improvements to my business and get other ideas. I get the input of people who understand my business but have a different set of skills and experience to contribute. It gives a much more diverse approach than trying to do it all on my own.” Susie Collings, Exilia Ltd
  • Impact— “Being part of a small group has a positive impact on your business. It is a safe space to reveal, explore and learn with similarly placed colleagues, helping you to succeed with developing your business.” Alice Elliott, Fairy Blog Mother
  • Increasing Profit “Many women starting out in business wonder how they’ll ever earn enough money to cover their costs, never mind pay the bills and live a little. When I joined this group, I met women who were doing just that — and employing staff too — and with their support, I have reached my financial goals and am taking on freelancers.” Catherine Osborn, Copywriter and Editor

Who or what helps you to innovate and make improvements in your business? And what do you do to stay inspired?


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